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WROL And SHTF Security

Prepper's Home Defense | Protect Your Family By Any Means Necessary

Created on Thursday, 28 February 2013 Written by Jim Cobb


Reviewed by subtac

The Bare Necessities

Being prepared or self sufficient requires a vast knowledge in all things related to the bare necessities of life. These bare necessities of life for the human are water, shelter, oxygen, and food. Oxygen is pretty simple, keep your head out of water or an unventilated space and you should have all the oxygen you need. The others however, take a lifetime of learning and practice to be able to create for yourself a sustainable life system where you do not depend on a fragile infrastructure to feed, shelter, and clothe you and your family. Preppers and/or survivalists have accepted that self sustainability is the best defense against a breakdown or failure in that fragile infrastructure that most of the world naively depends on.

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Hardening Your Home Defense

Created on Tuesday, 25 May 2010 Written by Hiberniason

building falling apart

Stay Home And Defend

Today were going to talk about defensive concepts in WROL or SHTF situations, specifically if you're going to shelter in place which I advocate that you do. If you're planning on evacuating somewhere you're still going to have to shelter in place until things have calmed down enough and are safe enough for you to move out. If you are planning to bug out you better have a preplanned place to go with a cache of supplies. Once you leave your shelter or home you become a plaything for the fates, so have a plan.

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