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Prepping And Survival Guides

WROL/SHTF Free pdf Downloads

What Is SHTF And Prepping?

This article give an overview of the meaning of SHTF in the prepping community. Additionally, there is a high level overview of 7 emergency response plans and when they would be necessary. Download


SHTF INCH Bug Out Bag Strategy | Emergency Response Plan 1

The first emergency response plan one needs to develop is the INCH bag. INCH being an acronym for “I’m Never Coming Home”, pretty much sums up the purpose of this response plan. This is a system that needs to be developed for an event that will force you from your home and there is no possibility of coming back. A sudden economic collapse followed by riots and martial law could force you to leave your area. Fear for your life may mean you can never return. You could be forced from your home by an earthquake or flood. Even though you may come back to the property someday the home and your belongings are destroyed. In any number of cases like these, all you would have left is what you were able to leave the house with. Preparing an INCH bag should take considerable careful planning. This is the worst case scenario, and most people don’t want to confront it, but if you are really going to be prepared and have peace of mind, you must consider it.Download the pdf


It's Your War | You Are An Enemy Combatant

The worst war is one that non soldiers are involved in when they don’t even know they are involved in it. American citizens are considered the enemy, and are under siege right now from one of the most feared dominating forces on earth. That’s right, and it is their federal government, the government of the United States of America. The shame of it all is that most Americans are not even aware of it. Worse yet are those that have been warned but just shrug their shoulders and chalk it up to conspiracy theory. Like it or not, believe it or not, you are an enemy combatant unknowingly targeted by an increasingly growing fascist police state. Download the pdf

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